Saturday, April 18, 2009

Houseguest's Lament

I recently received a love letter scribbled upon a Chinese food menu.

"My loves!" it began  "Thank you so much for letting me stay on your couch, as enveloping as an oyster shell, and for your unending pools of love, in which I was permitted to dip my feet and wiggle my toes.  For the joy of your fantastic bohemian life you have allowed me to swim in, and the men serenading alcohol outside your window, hidden beneath the flowering treetops, like a monkey, just below the canopy.  Do not forget I have left you a George Forman Grill, facilitating the tantalizing paninis of your deepest and most secret dreams.  I shall return soon, from the cold and mundane world into your cove of the beautiful and absurd."

"Much love, 
_ _ _ _ _ _"

**Parts of this letter have been changed for literary effect, while others in fact, are direct quotes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And the Feathers WIll Fly!

At this year's annual Urban Chicken Pluck!   Come one come all!  Don't have a chicken? That's okay! They'll be available on the premises for purchase.  Vegans, do not despair- Synthetic options are available  for an additional charge. Inquire at the front desk.  

Afterwards, the streets were lined with feathers.  Our lungs filled with them.  They stuck to our hair and our coats and got caught in Hannah's eye lashes.  No... we were not victims of the Urban Chicken Pluck.  We were at an event far more enticing although equally improbable... Wall Street Pillow Fight, courtesy of NewMindSpace

The Pillow Fight is a tradition dating back to the middle ages, and brought to the New World by Dutch colonists in 1662.  There are now pillow fights on 6 continents*.  Friends of mine, known as Banditos Misteriosos facilitate the Boston edition.  

This year, the pillow fight relocated from it's usual spacious union square to wall street.  I think they wanted to "make a statement."  I am not sure anyone was listening.  But there was havoc!! There were thousands of pillow bearing individuals.  The subway car was full of gleeful pillow bearing adults, and feathers drifted slowly gently down to the subterranean station floor.  I alighted the stairs, walked a few steps, and was confronted by a huge mob of people.  Thousands of people. More like thousands of pillows with legs.  It looked really fun!

But alas, for me, it was not as fun as it looked.  This was not my first mass pillow fight; perhaps my third.  Although the grandest, it was not the most enjoyable.  There wasn't enough space to move-it was more like a mosh pit with pillows.  Also, many individual were in clear violation of pillow fight etiquette.  I witnessed couch pillows, hard memory foam pillows, and head hunting galore.  Perhaps it's time to hand out some citations for overzealous pillow fighting and reckless endangerment of others.

There were some good moments.  Hannah's host sister from South Africa was with us, and although reticent at first, soon embraced pillow fighting goodness.  For some, it was a family event.  I saw one mom and young son pair, decked out in overcoats and bicycle helmets.  After the fight (I'm pretty certain there was a permit, since the NYPD was on hand and supportive) it slowly but surely drifted north.  Pillows fights broke out on streets, in city squares, blocked traffic!  

The pillow fight was certainly epic, but maybe I'm getting a little too old.  I like to run around during my pillows fights, dodge and feint.  I need a little more than just getting my brains based in by an errant chunk of discarded couch.  

*We're still working on getting the Scientists at Antarctica on board.  They declined, citing a lack of excess pillows.  

For photos, please check out NewMindSpace.