Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Horns and the Himalayas

Dearest readers (both of you. Hi Mom!) and people who only come here to leave religious propaganda....

I feel little need to comment on my absence, as you can read all about it in the nytimes. I have been trekking the Himalayas with only a single, trusted malamute puppy, riding on his back and throwing back the occasional drink together. Photos shall appear on my facebook, once we clear the copyrights and finalize the book deal.

By which I mean... I started graduate school. And it devoured my life with immediacy and ketchup. That said, blogable, notable things have continued to occur, despite the imminent digestion. I suppose I will find a procastinatable moment to put them down in writing.

A single Highlight, to tide you over:
Being serenaded by a bus driver, honking out a surprisingly musical melody on his horn to win my affection. He most certainly succeeded.


  1. what is the bus horn, but the violin, the oboe, the mandolin of out times?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out ( a phrase I have never before used) and I'm happy to see that the men of New York continue to realize what a jewel you are! Momz