Saturday, August 29, 2009

Untitling, or Rather Not

So evidently, I went on vacation from blogging this summer. By which I mean.. I kinda got a job. Which kinda of ate my life. Then I went on vacation, which was wonderful. Then I came back and experienced major culture shock, which was not wonderful, not at all.

Posts are due on the following topics:
1. Bodega Series, part 1: The Hierarchy of Bodegas Amongst Boroughs

2. Bodega Series, part 2:Bodegas and the Recession

3. Culture Shock; Back from the Dead or Return to Hell (affectionately known as my apartment)

4. It's Impossible to Find Good Help These Days

5. Renting out your apartment while you are on vacation, for fun and profit!

6. Why I Should Have Been a Trust Fund Baby.

7. How to Balance 3 jobs, 2 Careers, and a Porcupine on your Head* While Wearing Heels

*Porcupines are an ancient greek euphemism for long distance relationships. The head part was just to be silly.