Saturday, June 20, 2009

New York City Nightmare #14

Time: Friday night, 1:00am.  Me, sober and with a friend.  Walking home along W3rd from the subway.  Weave around groups of drunk people, hand on purse.  Arrive at my block.  Go to purse for cell phone. Cell phone: check.  Wallet: no check.

End of roller coaster style day: down. 

1. Didn't anyone ever tell the pick pockets to go for the drunken tourists instead of the sober locals?  I only have $20 and a roasting plant gift card in there...
2. I look forward to seeing which controversial books/movies are checked out under my name from the public library and never returned. Great.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

They say you can get anything delivered in Manhattan...

And it's true! I can get cupcakes delivered to my apartment from Sugar Sweet Sunshine!  Amazing.  

On the to-do list, stat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I begin to write this entry with the Lucky Pen.  I am then asked to return the Lucky Pen.  But I want to scribble a Lucky Message on this chinese food menu!   I digress.  Entirely and without shame.

The jury has been out on Queens for some time.  Originally, a place for old people, indian and greek food, the middle aged hip, and Mc Mansions.  Urban?  maybe.  Today I go to a Little League game in Forest Hills.  Although a 10 minute walk from the subway, it reeks of cranky suburban charm.  Chateau Jewels in yellow v. Sign-o-rama in purple.  Clearly, I came out to see sign-o-rama.  In front of me sits a family with 4 kids, a small dog and grandma.  I sit there nibbling farmers market fruit and raw almonds while the woman in front of me describes herself as "a Real Baseball Mom".  I smile outwardly, but my insides shudder of suburbia.  And only a 10 minute walk from the F.

P.S. I can see how this post might be kind of insulting.

Unsolicited Piece of Advice #212-14

I would not recommend walking your guinea pig on a leash down a New York City Street.